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sapan-verma-1Sapan Verma is one of India’s most popular and experienced English standup comedians and a co-founder of the East India Comedy. He has done over 700 live shows and 100 corporate shows not only in 30 cities across India, but also in New York, Paris, Spain, Dubai, Singapore and China.
Apart from headlining shows at The Comedy Store and Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai, Sapan is also a part of comedy specials such as The Ghanta Awards, EIC vs Bollywood and Backbenchers.

Comedy is like the new “ I want to live the guitar thing”. It looks really cool as a profession but there is also a lot of back and forth and practice behind it.
It is a new field for us to explore as well. If you see US or UK there have been comedians from 50 60 years. So you have somebody to look up to and a path to follow. In India we are the trend setters, so it’s a very exciting time to be in comedy right now. From just being entertainment, comedians are now basing a voice of reason and talking about issues which nobody is taking up otherwise.

I think not much youngsters watch TV today. All the content you want to read or watch is available online. Today youth is glued on to their smartphones with Facebook and YouTube and that is the way if you want to reach out to them.

I think comedy happened out of luck. Initially I was a script writer for comedy shows and stand up comedy had just started at that point of time. So couple of friends were like why don’t you write something for yourself. I tried and it just clicked!
Comedy gives you the freedom to talk about whatever you want to talk about and also the field is expanding so much within itself, for instance, news comedy , music, theatre and web series. I think in next 5 years we will see a lot more comedians coming in and changing in media generally Just go out and explore everything. It’s not about becoming doctors and engineers only.

There is a smart way to do it. According to me every comedian has to exercise self censorship. I don’t think there is any topic in India that you can’t talk about. It’s just the way you smartly present it. Also it depends on the language acceptance across the country. Talking about the content for example we have started EIC Outrage that talks about political issues in a funny manner. It has come to a point now where youngsters watch the show to understand what’s happening in the news. So we are trying to change the face of comedy that ways as well.

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