Sandeep Aggarwal


Sandeep Aggarwal

Sandeep Aggarwal is a director of SMC Foods Limited. With 21 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been able to establish and strengthen the position of the company in the market by providing excellent quality products that confirm to the highest international standards.

Sandeep is a very supportive leader and his contribution has been instrumental in taking the Madhusudan brand ahead. He has always tried to empower people to take decisions on day-to-day matters to keep pace with the changing world. He is someone who really believes in innovation. He keeps on bringing new ideas to the table and motivates his team to be innovative at all levels. His persistent effort to establish a strong marketing and sales network has paid off well as SMC now has 1,000 distributors covering 24 states. Its products now fill the shelves of more than 50,000 retail outlets.

Sandeep has done his post-graduate diploma in business management and was always sure that he would enter the milk business. Milk was in abundant supply in the place he came from. So setting up a milk plant was a convenient option. Since then, he has been constantly working towards building up the Madhusudan brand. His company collects quality milk from the villagers, processes it, makes various milk products and packages the same for sale in the market.

Sandeep’s commitment to his company and his constant endeavour to inculcate positive thoughts among his staff are the key to the brand’s success. He just does not enthuse the staff to achieve the given targets but he also encourages them to come up with new product ideas by providing good governance. His biggest inspiration has been his father Subhash Chand Aggarwal, promoter of the SMC Group, and his mentor and uncle, Mool Chand Aggarwal, also the chairman of the SMC Group. He has also been inspired by the leadership skills of his brother Amit Aggarwal, director at SMC Foods, who has established strong infrastructure for milk collection at the village level.

Sandeep is a patient listener, he listens to the problems and grievances of his office staff and suggests various ways to find solutions. At the same time, he keeps in mind the interest of small and marginal farmers. The company always gives maximum price to the milk producers while maintaining transparency in milk testing and payment through the installation of Automatic and Computerized Milk collection or Weighing unit in about 7,000 villages.

Yearly bonus of about Rs 4 crore is disbursed among the farmers every year depending on the quality of milk and the delivery record of the farmer.

Along with all these, Sandeep leaves no stone unturned to expand his business in India and abroad. His dream is to achieve national and international recognition in providing quality products. Plans to export Madhusudan products to other countries is already in the works.

Sandeep makes sure that the products conform to the highest standards of purity and hygeine. Attractive and modern packaging ensures that the products reach the consumer as fresh as possible.

It’s because of him that Madhusudan milk powder has been ranked among 31 most successful brands out of 14000 brands available in India by a Nielsen India study. He is surely a man to watch out for in the coming years.