Rabeth-KhanObstacles do not deter success; rather it enhances one’s possibilities to succeed. A man who thrives on this philosophy in life has only one destination – success. Samit Ray, the Managing Director of Roy’s Institute of Competitive Examination Pvt. Ltd. (RICE Group) revolutionized the education system and has set up an example that is being followed by others. His venture, a symbol of hope for the masses, com¬menced in 1985. In the past two decades more than 75,000 candidates have passed out of the institute, and are well established in Central Government and State Government Departments all over India. His acumen has enabled him to create a history, which now acts as a model in the field of competitive examinations, not only in the state but also across the country.

His belief drives his Institutes’ ideology and is precisely what makes them so magnifi¬cent in whatever they do. Samit Ray considers talent as their only wealth and they’ve generated this intellectual property through a meticulously devised education system. He dreams of making each boy and girl who are enrolled in his institutes to become an instrument in developing a much more powerful motherland – and that can happen not only through intelligence, but also by carrying the moral culture of ancient India. His posi¬tive demeanor is capable of transforming all the minds that touch his aura and his all see¬ing eye never fails to catch an opportunity, even in the bleakest winter evenings of time.




  • He believes that poverty is never a blockade but a building block for future achievements , and in fact it puts one in a position from where the real turn around begins. Those who struggle against poverty, tend to take greater risk in life and have a greater desire to make it big.
  • His confidence in himself and his people is immense, and this is the reason that his team has been able to succeed against all odds.
  • His mantra for success, unlike others, revolves around one’s own capabilities and is not dependent on externalities. In his words, “Be bold and face life as it comes and success will follow.”
  • He received the 26th North American Bengali Conference Outstanding Leadership Award for vision and passion as a leader in the Education Industry and being a mentor for the Indian youth.
  • A socialist at heart, all the efforts he puts are in order to realise his dream of an India where every citizen shall one day go to bed with a full stomach and a happy mind.

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