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saketWhen you talk about Finances, marketing, branding one important component is security. When we talk about branding, most businesses are going digital these days. Largest business today requires cyber security as a marketing tool.
When you are net banking with ICICI OR HDFC or any bank or you are buying something on snap deal, ordering pizza through an application, recharging Tata Sky, all of that is secured by us. So all these brands count on our security and services to protect their technology stack that they are powered with.

Digital as a concept has really come up in last 5 years in mainstream fashion in India. Now with the prime minister announcing the digital India initiative and most countries becoming very serious about digital because that is the future and no doubts on that. Also it’s a natural progression for the CEO of a large bank or a company to be worried about the security when going digital, because that is one field they are not very familiar with. So cyber security in India is in its nascent stages. Not only in India but some of the largest names in the world been breached. So cyber security as a concept globally has been evolving.

5 years from now looks very exciting. Starting from the fortune50 companies to the small and medium sector industries they all require our services. being a boot strapped company we have grown 700 percent year on year on an average without a single penny being spent on marketing or advertisements. The reason why a company can do that is because the demand in the market is massive when it comes to the right quality of services.

We compete with the big boys starting from Ernst and young, delloites, pwc. They all have realised financial audit is just one component , now they have gone into audit. We as a company are a pure cyber security provider. As humanity in general we are moving towards a world of specialisation. Today God forbid if u have an heartattack you will not go in for a general hospital but u will go for a super speciality hospital. Similarly we compete when I say starting from the big forum financial audits to the generic system integrators like TCS, Infosys, WIPRO and more they all have the cyber security offerings which is one of the 25 things that they do. We only do cyber security. It’s like we sleep, drink, walk talk cyber security. Large companies require specialists to come back with an actionable plan for security.

My entire team is OSCP certified which is one of the most difficult exam in the world. And because we had it from the first day we started, so the overall delivery of the entire organisation goes up. Today a large company can’t imagine this as they will have to fire 60 percent of the workforce which is not possible. So if you inculcate these little things since the beginning, I feel a lot of amazing things can happen in an organisation.

I feel the most important value is to be true to be yourself. If really like whatever you do and you give your 100 percent in that and enjoy doing that, I will say Magic is the only thing that can happen.

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