Rabeth-KhanIn a span of past 9 years Sahul Industries has seen multi-fold augmentations given his experience. They export to 30 countries a series of flawless products spanning across varied industries scilicet, Reyal for pharmaceuticals, Riya for cosmetics, Rey for foods and beverages and Kivi for their mobile segment. His business acumen and deep experience driven understanding led to the implementation of backward integration strategy of this relatively new venture at the hands of which phenomenal growth was observed over the last year. Sahul’s skills of sustainable negotiations across various platforms of clients and establishing projects in various markets have paid off well for the organization all this while.

One factor behind his astute and ever vigilant mind is that of his comprehensive educational background. After completing his Business Management course from Australia Sahul majorly focused on the imperativeness of cardinality, originality, and ingenuity to make breakthroughs which could enable the organization to steer forward itself, along with its nation. A man who firmly believes in the dictum, ‘Cash is Reality’ and also promotes this school of thought along the scalar chain as well as his collaborations – Sahul has covered a journey that’s highly commendable. He has laid a foundation on which skyscrapers of hope, inspiration and success shall be raised.




  • ƒƒThe efficiency with which he works is reflected in all tasks it takes up, irrespective of which industry it is.
  • His determination has laid out the basic foundation for the development of Sahul Industries providing it a strong stepping stone on which shall be built the future.ƒƒ 
  • His knowledge about various industries and its detailed working helps direct the efforts of the entire Sahul Industries’ family
  • Each day of this venture’s success is a breathing proof of Sahul’s hard-work which he has invested into the making of this
  • All things set aside; Sahul is regarded to be a good human being. That is one quality which is a pre-requisite to establish a promising name in today’s time.
  • Reyal (pharmaceticals) Riya (cosmetics) Rey, (food & beverage) Kivi (mobiles)

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