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It is located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, in customized premises on 14,000 square feet of land. The school features a swimming pool, art studio, outdoor play area and a vegetable garden. The classrooms and indoor play area are fully equipped for the wholesome development of children. Starting with two children admitted to the programme in 2005, Safari Kid has transformed into a leading player, offering Montessori programmes in six countries around the world.
The unique brain training method and integrating children development are bound to be the core features attributing to the success of Safari Kid. It offers programmes catering to the needs of children from the age of four months to six years (Early explorers, turbo toddlers, levels one to four), ensuring that each child gets the focus they need to attain the next milestone. Counselling given to parents on choosing appropriate primary schools for their child based on their performances is another unique feature of the academy. Safari Kid recruits from a global pool of talented teachers with specialized training in early childhood education.
Based on research linking teacher qualifications, program quality, and positive child outcomes, they hire the best teachers in the industry, with an emphasis on phonics and pronunciation. However, their second and third language teachers are usually native speakers.

Key Features
1. Its unique curriculum has been developed and perfected in Silicon Valley over the past ten years.
2. At Safari Kid, the aim is towards the all-around development of every child.
3. All teachers undergo at least 120 hours of training before they teach a class, and training is ongoing throughout the year.

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