Sachiin Joshi

Sachiin Joshi

78-Sachiin-JoshiHe believes in leading his organisation from the front, guiding it towards a common goal and holding people to account.

Sachiin Joshi, Group Chairman, Viiking group of companies, has been making a name for himself as an insightful entrepreneur of Viking Ventures. The multi-faceted industrialist also dreams about making it big in the entertainment and fitness industry.

Not more than a decade ago, at the age of 22, he took over responsibilities of the JMJ Group from his father Jagdish Mohanlal Joshi. But eventually he ventured out in new directions.

He has, one by one, diversified the brand portfolio by launching the XXX Energy Drink, Life Packaged Drinking Water, One Fitness Hub & Spa, Flamingo Restaurant, the Beatle Hotel and Viiking Entertainment.

“We, at Viikings, follow the traits of Viiking warriors, the most powerful and influential people in history. Viikings were brave explorers and their undying aggression for innovation made them to stand out,” says Sachiin.

Apart from being a proficient entrepreneur, Sachiin is also passionate about sports and cinema. Sachiin believes that the only thing standing between one’s goals are the stories that we keep on telling ourselves out of the fear of failure.

Though he started his acting career in the Telegu film industry in 2002, Bollywood was his actual goal. It was to be a long wait of nine years and Sachiin Joshi finally made his Hindi film debut with Prashant Chadha’s Azaan in 2011. It was also co-produced by the actor.

On his upcoming Telegu adaptation of a highly successful Bollywood flick, Sachiin remarked that, “Remakes are good as long as the original has been a success and the remake also enjoys the same status. Besides, if a film is being remade because the original had been a crowd-puller, the adapted version will cater to a wide audience who can enjoy the film. I believe that everything that is a success should be remade.”

Sachiin has also been actively involved in charity and recently contributed to Big Brother Foundation, an initiative which aims at helping people in rural areas and bridging the rural-urban divide.