rohitMISTER WORLD 2016

With good looks and an aesthetic physique, Rohit Khandelwal wins the most desirable man title in the world i.e. the Mr. World title, after winning the Mr. India title last year. But winning the crown is not as easy as it looks. The grind is difficult with its own challenges. He became the first ever Asian-Indian to win the crown and make India proud on the world stage.

I was born to a conservative family where we enjoy food, all the festivals and as a kid I was very stubborn about what I wanted in my life. Since my childhood, I wanted to be an actor. I have always been very inspired by Indian television and I loved watching Shahrukh Khan movies. My father wanted me to be independent so I started working in Spicejet as a group staff. It was then later that I realized that this is not what I want from my life.

When I initially came to Bombay I stayed with 5-6 people in a 2bhk, travelled by trains and buses, went for a number of auditions not knowing what they were for.
People call Bombay “the city of magic” and today, I totally believe that. I believe what any profession or a place wants from you is your consistency, focus, your heart and the most important is to never give up!
As a child when I used to go shopping to buy one shirt, I used to change twenty shirts. For my parents taking me shopping was a trouble but I was much interested in it so it never felt like a struggle. Similarly I worked hard and also over a period I realised that you need to grab opportunities whenever they come your way. I did modeling projects, some international shoots, television commercials and then finally Mister India happened to me.

I still remember I was sitting in my boxers in my room and when I opened the Bombay times newspaper I saw the add where the former mister India is saying “Do you want to be the next mister India?” and then I somehow got a very positive intuition reading the same. I went ahead and gave my best. I remember sweat, pain, tears. It was really difficult for me. I remember sleeping empty stomach to meet requirements of different rounds. Though it was really difficult, I enjoyed the process to the core.

There is a lot of hard work! Everything looks great from the outside, but inside you have to put in a lot of focus as there is a lot of competition. The first thing you enjoy in India is food, but being an actor or a model you have to really take care of your body. Food is just one of the aspects of the larger picture, there are a lot of other commitments that you need to abide by and take forward with you.

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