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ROHIT DUBE – CMO, Valvoline Cummins
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ROHIT DUBE – CMO, Valvoline Cummins

ROHIT DUBE, CMO, Valvoline Cummins

ROHIT DUBE – CMO, Valvoline Cummins

The heart of a business success lies in its marketing. How have you been crafting such marketing objectives for your company that your custo The Perfect Brand Image”- what do you perceive from it and what all goes behind its creation?
In today’s VUCA world, a perfect brand image is difficult to define. As customers preferences are always changing, a marketer, one should strive to make the brand 24*7 accessible and aspirational to the target customers by offering customers competitively superior experience by being present around them. By being relevant, current, approachable, personal and humane in our approach across their journey.

Valvoline Cummins enjoys a significant share of Indian market. What are the challenges that the brand faces in the market?
Valvoline is one of the rare and unique brands in the world which is 150 year young and growing. Our biggest challenge is to ensure that our customers know who we are and how our solutions deliver value to make their lives more comfortable, easier and more productive.


What things fascinate you the most when you travel?
Diversity, opportunity to meet people and varied culture fascinates me.
What are your hobbies?
Reading and teaching kids.
Best and the worst thing about your job?
Best thing is marketing is at the core of customers and business – so leading passionate team towards winning and delighting customers and contributing towards business success is a great feeling. There is nothing worst about business and customers (it is marketing) every customer pain to us looks like an opportunity!
What is a Sunday to you?
Spending time in teaching,contributing to the family and personal growth, planning week ahead.

In an industry so dynamic, how do you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society?
Our R&D, marketing and customer connect teams are constantly working with the various customers, regulatory bodies to develop state of the art solutions which results in bringing customer focused innovations since past 150 years across the world.

One thing you wish to change and one thing you wish to retain about your industry.
As Industry we need to do more to let everyone know various activities we do to bring about social service in the society – its beyond business and profits. For example Valvoline Cummins is engaged in providing Environmental, Safety and Well being services to the various transport hubs, truckers, mechanics and their families across various towns in India where these services are provided free of cost and entire organization devotes thousands of mandays for the volunteering social cause thus contributing to the society at large. The giving spirit is what I would like to retain in the corporates.

Awards are tricky; you don’t really aim to win, till you win. How has winning changed your approach to trophies and titles?
As a practitioner of business and marketing subjects, one is always learning new things and consciously unlearning many old paradigms. In such a setting, recognition of this sort definitely provides a sense of ownership to lead this team journey forward with more diligence. In my opinion such recognitions are just few milestones in a very long journey of contributing to the society and the nation – if purpose is larger and is about betterment and bringing improvement in lives of the of customers – there is no such thing named as winning and losing.

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