Rocky J. Pesik


Rocky J. Pesik

Rocky J. Pesik at the age of 32 acquired the position of deputy CEO of PT Mitrapiranti Usaha- Caraka City Courier; a local courier set up by his father, Rudy Pesik, in 1985.

Rocky J. Pesik acknowledged that his involvement in Caraka was in line with his parents’ wishes even though they never forced but they hoped he would carry on the business. He joined the company in the sales department of the company, not having acquired a really important position in the early days of joining. Only once the business dropped he decided to acquire the position of Director of the company. He took the responsibility of promoting the company and could not just sit back and take it in an easy way.

Rocky was born in Jakarta on Aug. 14, 1976. For him, experience and direction came from his parents, made it easier to take the business forward. His father, Rudy Pesik encouraged him to be involved in selling activities since his elementary school days. After managing Caraka for four years, in 2005 he was assigned to manage PT Birotika Semesta, a representative of DHL Indonesia, to replace his mother, Louis Pesik, who was previously the director and later became the company’s commissioner.

Rocky has devised various business strategies, to be able to survive amid the fierce competition. One of these has been to build a brand. It is undeniable that the international brand of DHL has made it easier for him to interact with his customers. Virtually all companies are familiar with the name DHL. Today there are some 800 companies in the Express Couriers Association of Indonesia (Asperindo). There are 123 member companies operating in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi, which explains why the competition has become fiercer and fiercer. There are also other couriers who do not belong to Asperindo. As a result there is a war of rates, with some couriers charging as low as Rp 1,500 per document.