Rishabh Sethi


Rishabh Sethi

Rishabh Sethi, Executive director, SPML Infra Limited is acknowledged as the man who has gone beyond the conventional and has been instrumental in promoting sustainable water management alongwith the infrastructure. This graduate from Northwestern University USA had brought a lot of experience with him prior to joining the family business. He has served as a consultant at AT Kearney Inc. and handled the clients like Diamler and Chrysler, P & G, Gillette etc. He is an inspiring leader who set the realistic goals and over the time and have achieved them through hard work and dedication. His constant endeavors for water management made SPML infra the only Indian company to be featured in the world’s top 50 private water management companies. His focus on innovation and sustainable development at SPML Infra has now touched the lives of millions of people; be it provision for drinking water, improved sewerage facilities, better municipal waste management, building roads and highways and lighting up homes.

Leading the multidisciplinary group and executing world class infrastructure for water management and transmission, waste water treatment and recycling, solid waste management, he has set the mark to follow by others in the industry. Today SPML is among the leading infrastructure company with revenue collection of $330 million and in terms of project under execution it’s more than $1.17 billion.

His vision of building a self sustained India especially in water sector has prompted SPML to take larger role in the urban sector. With a forward looking and future oriented approach he has attracted people’s eye in and outside industry. He believes that the extra mile that SPML walk for its client, then the clients will also show faith in the services of SPML. Going by the achievement of SPML Infra under his leadership, his vision of building SPML from a billion dollar plus brand to a global leader in water and urban services sector is not a distant target.