Melegant yet bewitching sounds so aptly synonymous with the style of Ravish Kapoor’s greetings. His initiation, under the name of RavishKapoor.com, specializes in conceptualization of invitation cards and unique branding & packaging design. From weddings to anniversaries, baby showers to birthdays, and inaugurations to parties, their innovatively designed personalized invitations can add a touch of warmth and style to any and every occasion. This 8.5 years old brand has created a promise, unparalleled, with all credit going to the name of the man himself. Ravish’s creative knack helps him become a pioneer in designing out-of-the-box invitations which always add something special to the momentous celebratory occasions that a family shares together.

His success is the product of his hard-work which he is all set to continue in the far future, and as far as near future is concerned they are hoping to open other showrooms only in India but abroad and are in negotiations with people for the same. His competence is hinted upon by his ability to handle the two most critical challenges for his business house – a challenge to grow both in technoklogy and staff so that the ever growing market demand for invitations could be met, and also, the fact that people always look for something new and different which kept him at his toes in order to reinvent ways of spreading celebrations. One of the reasons why his success was bound to reach his door step is his attitude towards his work, If I don’t like a card that my Design Team creates I cannot sell it”. His ambitions to make only what is best and sell only what is perfect makes him a man who has rightfully earned his space in people’s hearts.



  • ƒƒ His efforts have translated in considerable growth with offices and showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Los Angeles and others opening up worldwide.
  • ƒƒ The fact that he comes from a similar business background as that of his clients, puts him in a better position to understand what customers want and also helps him build the right concept and design for them.
  • ƒƒ A reflection of his own company’s growth, as he is, his success is based on my hard work and also knowing that fact that he has to continue doing that if he is to remain successful.
  • ƒƒ The secret recipe behind his flawless management is his leadership trait that he only sells what he himself personally likes and wants which implicitly implies that no room of error is neither left nor excused.
  • ƒƒ He is a businessman with a flair for the creative arts and the finer things in life. According to him his greatest achievement is to see his company grow each year and expand into different markets around the world.

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