Sunday, July 2018
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rani-mukherjiRANI MUKERJI

Citizenship/Residence India

Over 50 movies and almost 2 decades of working in the industry, Rani Mukerji’s contribution reflects versatility and volubility. Once titled as ‘Queen of Bollywood’ Rani has always maintained her natural inclination towards powerful roles and women-centric films. It was in 2002 that Rani entered what was the golden period of her film career. She has been in the superleague portraying from one of the greatest leading ladies on the Bolly big screen of all time, to the classical Indian heroine protecting her family, from the pretty dolled up heroine to the power woman of substance. Rani Mukerji is a name synonymous to versatility and eloquence. Now married to noted producer-director Aditya Chopra, the lady promises to continue doing more meaningful work in cinema with many more hearts to conquer.

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