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Rajan and Sanjay Kumar
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rajanEntrepreneur – Rajan Fashion

Rajan Group imports and distributes fashion clothing from its head office in Manchester, its warehouse in the city and a branch office in London. Sanjay Kumar runs Rajan Fashions with his brother Rajan. They have developed the business from their father’s market stall in Manchester to a supplier for top fashion chains. The firm now has offices in New York and the Far East. It is easily worth £34m. Since 1999, the Kumar family has had more than £32m in salaries and dividends. It also has property and other business assets

Rajan Fashions work on a contract basis with blue chip High Street stores, with much of the manufacturing taking place abroad. It also produces its own branded clothes for distribution through smaller retailers. The company, which supplies chains such as Zara and JC Penney, also has operations in New York, Dusseldorf and Madrid. The company employs 150 people at its headquarters in Manchester, including an in-house design team of 20, while clothes are made in China.

Key attributes:

1. The family showed its humanitarian side in 2005, by donating cash and thousands of items of clothing to India and Sri Lanka following the devastating tsunami, keeping involved in philanthropic activities.

2. Under the leadership of the brothers, the Manchesterbased business has grown from an initial investment of just £33 to an international multi-million-pound fashion distribution empire, Rajan Fashions. The company supplies chains from Zara to JC Penney.

3. New offices in Canada and Denmark are due to be added soon. The Rajan Group also manages a large property portfolio and is investing in Altrincham’s glitzy new Odyssey bar, thus expanding themselves all around the world.

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