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PUNEET ANAND – Hyundai Motor India
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PUNEET ANAND – Hyundai Motor India

PUNEET ANAND, Hyundai Motor India

PUNEET ANAND – Hyundai Motor India

General Manager and Group Head

Mr. Puneet Anand is an automobile professional with over 20 years’ experience in Automotive Marketing, Sales and Service Operations. He has vast experience in Field Operations, Customer Relations, Dealer Development and Planning Departments, Insurance Business, Service Marketing and Training of Dealers.

Currently he is General Manager and Group Head (Marketing), Hyundai Motor India Ltd.He joined Hyundai Motor India Ltd. in 1998, since then he has been heading various crucial departments as Head – Customer Relations and then he was promoted to various levels. Prior to Hyundai Motor India, he worked with Mahindra & Mahindra for 2 years.

He holds a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology and a Post- Graduate Degree in Business Administration from Korea University (South Korea).

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