Promising Business Leaders


Dinesh Jain
Chairman – DJ Group
Inspiring, innovative and caring are a few words that embody Dinesh Jain – a man who with sheer will and parental wisdom etched out history in corporate world under the name of…Read More

Sandeep Aggarwal
Director – SMC Foods Limited
Sandeep Aggarwal is a director of SMC Foods Limited. With 21 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been able to establish and strengthen the position of…Read More

Avinash Jain
Managing Director – Arise India Limited
“For me, my team is my leader, and I like to hear them,” is the core belief of Avinash Jain, managing director of Arise India Limited. His thinking is based on his faith in his….Read More

Mir Khutubuddin Khan
Secretary – NASR Education Society
Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Secretary, Nasr Education Society, envisions having an educated India where children will attain knowledge irrespective of their social or economic background…Read More

Aniel Saha
Chairman – Saha Groupe
Aniel Kuumar Saha, chairman, SAHA Groupe, ventured out into architecture before establishing himself as one of the National Capital Region’s (Delhi-NCR) leading real estate…Read More

Samit Ray
Rice Group – Founder
Leveraging his teaching skills to help government job aspirants crack various competitive exams, Samit Ray founded Roy’s Institute of Competitive Examination or…Read More