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Priti Patel
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Priti Patel

Priti Patel

She believes that, “Politics is about putting people first and all politicians should remember why they are in public service”. Priti Patel, the young parliamentarian from Witham constituency in Essex and a Conservative Party politician in UK has set an example to follow in public life.

An admirer of former PM Margret Thatcher, she has been an active member of the conservative party for more than 25 years. Her understanding of realities of public and political life have prompted her to take greater roles in the society. The first-ever MP from Witham, Priti has raised a range of issues concerning individuals, families and businesses. She has been a champion of small businesses and chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group for Small Shops. A vocal supporter of victims of crime she co-chairs the All Party Group of Victims. As a member of the European Union, her role has been instrumental in securing a better deal for Britain. She has campaigned extensively for a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union for giving the British electorate a chance to vote on important issues. An elected member of the Conservative Party Board, she has also been appointed to downing Street Policy Board by the Prime Minister. Enhancing her credentials, she was appointed as UK’s first Indian Diaspora to advance the UKIndia relations. Her contribution to the subjects like trade, business, economy, law and order, immigration has been immense. By constantly raising the question in and out of the house she ensures that voices of people get heard in the house.

She has been tested by many challenges and difficult times. However, her focus and hard work enabled her to jump the hurdles each time. Understanding the value and importance of small businesses for the wider interest of economy, she constantly thrived to improve the overall business environment. Showing her solidarity for the cause of women empowerment not only in UK but all around the globe, she says, “violence against women is an appalling act and one that should stop and be universally condemned. Ending the violence against women and girls should be a priority for any government”. Carrying forth her strong engagement with the causes, she has initiated a number of local campaigns aimed at tackling diverse issues such as: literacy in schools, improvement in local infrastructure and tackling youth unemployment. She regularly supports local charities and schools in Witham and throughout Essex.

Priti is determined to be a strong voice for Witham, Essex and Britain in Parliament and believes passionately in principles of accountability, fairness and transparency – standing up for her constituents, British businesses and victims of crime.

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