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Praveen Pula (Veen Pula)

Woxsen School of Business

64-Praveen-PulaAn edupreneur in the truest sense, Praveen Pula went ahead with his idea to set up a world-class business school where students would learn excellence in leadership, organization, communication and strategy. Pula set up WOXSEN™ School of Business to create the largest family of game changers. Pula, a visionary in the field of education, is not averse to risk taking. He has set benchmarks for high quality education and his enterprise is ranked among the top 20 fastest growing businesses in the UK. Under his leadership, the group has registered 134.81 per cent growth in its sales revenue. Now, his plans are to develop new-age entrepreneurs at Woxsen who are willing to take risks and think beyond the traditional business models. The teaching method is innovative as well as in sync with the times. Along with Woxsen School of Business, he is coming up with Woxsen Trade Tower that will provide hands-on resources for the students to plan, develop, seek support from and launch their ideas into viable ventures. It will also enable students to interact with potential investors.

But the story does not end here. He has been recognised as the Business Man of the Year 2013, UK and has also been nominated for the prestigious European Business Awards 2013-2014. He is a member of ACCELERATE 250, the body of companies that create more than half of UK’s new jobs by changing the way the industry works and creates new markets.

A philanthropist at heart, Pula has a sustained programme of working closely with the community people living around the B-School site with regards to better access to healthcare, primary education and sustainable livelihood. His determination has laid the basic foundation for the development of Woxsen as one of the top B-Schools in the world. His innovative approach is backed by sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge that will propel Woxsen high up in the field of higher education. A visionary in the education industry, he is a strong inspiration for all those who work with him. And, he is one who believes in giving it back to the society.

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