Prashant Bhalla

Prashant Bhalla

82-Prashant-BhallaOne of the leading industrialist & Educationalists of National Capital Region (NCR), associated with Manav Rachna Group for a decade now and has made immense growth and development, Prashant Bhalla, is the Director of Manav Rachna Vodyantariksha Pvt. Ltd. And under his name the Manav Rachna Group has now become a brand in the field of Education in India. At the age of 24 he took up the onerous responsibility to make Manav Racha a global name.

Secretary of M.R. Education Society, he is a member of the Governing Body of all Institutions under it. Also, he is the Member of Board of Governors of, “M.R. College of Education (MRCEd.)” and “Manav Rachna International” Faridabad. Actively involved in the inception of the Administration as well as Academic Systems, he is also the Chairman of Navuthan Educational Trust and General Secretary of Trinity Education Trust which are running a school up to Senior Secondary level in name and style of Manav Rachna International School. Once Faridabad was known as an industrial town of Haryana/ NCR but today it more popular for premium educational institutions with Global excellence in delivery and Manav Rachna has been the trend setter for the same.

But the story doesn’t end here. He has been made a Trustee of Manav Rachna Educational Trust and also the Director of M/S Prinku Landfin. Pvt. Ltd., a renowned name in the field of consulting on all matters and problems relating to urban and town planning, landscape, architecture, structural engineering, interior designing as also acting as land developers.

In his capacity as a member of various Industrial Organizations i.e. “Faridabad Chambers of Commerce” and “Manufacturer’s Association Faridabad”, he is actively involved in the Development and growth of the Industries in Faridabad and NCR Delhi.

KEY ATTRIBUTES THAT MAKE HIM A LEADER He is an exemplar of refined leadership. His dedication towards his business makes him an inspiration for his co-workers.

The way he has organized his business helps channel efforts of its entire employee pool in the same direction as that of the organization at a whole.

The kind of diversification he handles is commendable. His highly organized lifestyle enables him to push things forwards in a systematic and timely manner.

The kind of positions he handles showcases his versatile and dynamic front.

Across a journey of 16 years, with an alumni base of 15000 students, there have been 11,000 plus placements in more than 200 leading Indian and Global Conglomerates