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Prakash chauhan
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prakashManaging Director and Chairman – Parle Agro

If you are an Indian, we bet you have grown up drinking Frooti. Even to this day, watching a Frooti ad on TV takes us back to our wonder years. Prakash Chauhan is the force behind Parle Agro(the parent brand of Frooti).The largest Indian food and beverage company. With brands that have won the hearts of consumers everywhere, present in almost every home across the length and breadth of India. Be it Frooti, India’s first mango drink in a tetra pak, or Appy, India’s first ever apple drink, or Appy Fizz, the country’s first sparkling apple drink, our beverages have, over the decades, acquired iconic stature in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Key attributes:

1. Listening, getting the best out of people, focusing on people’s strengths and helping them on their weaknesses through different training programs.

2. He believes in creating a healthy culture that would retain people and have people respect the key values of the organization as a very important aspect of driving a company.

3. His philosophy at work –“It’s not about the title or position but about working hard together to build a successful company.”

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