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How challenging has your journey been?
Frankly, I never had to struggle. I always took life as it is and even if there were any challenges, I fought them on my own. No challenge is ever bigger than your will to stand against them. And I have a strong will power and therefore, I am here!

What has been your greatest achievement till date?
There have been many. But to be very honest, whenever I see any child smiling or any woman earning for herself and her family, that’s when I think, “see I am achieving big”. Their smiles are priceless and can’t be compared with anything else. To answer your question, there is one thing that really brings me relief and joy and that is, I have made dozens of ladies self reliable and they are now earning from Rs. 10,000 to 80,000.


What things fascinate you the most when you travel?
Local people.
What are your hobbies?
I like reading.
Best and the worst thing about your job.
Everything about what I do is amazing and satisfying.
What is a Sunday to you?
A Sunday is a day for friends and family. But if I have work, then there is no holiday for me..
PS-A message from you to all the future women entrepreneurs/leaders.
Just believe in yourself.Be compassionate. Be passionate.

What has influenced your decisions and thought process at various stages in your career. What/ Who has been your guiding force?
People. They have been my biggest inspiration. Everyone I meet, they inspire me in some or the other way. All my beneficiaries have been my biggest support system. They have continuously motivated me to do what I have been doing and what I will always do.

What is one thing you would wish to change about your industry?
Social Service is not an industry. It, for me, is everyone’s duty. Anyone who is capable of helping others must and should come forward. After all, in giving, one finds the real pleasure.

Your perception of an empowered woman. How far your industry has / can contribute for the same?
An empowered woman is the one who is mentally strong because that’s when you are physically and economically strong as well. My organization, Lakshyam, is working for women empowerment for the last 10 years. I have been working in the same for the last 30-35 years. I have changed many female lives and I will always stand for them.

In an industry so dynamic, how as a leader you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society.
Because this is what a Leader is supposed to do. He/she needs to fit in whatever situation they get landed. They need to mould themselves. They need to change and adjust with time. I live all the characteristics of a leader and I guess, this is the reason I have become one.

Be your own fortune teller! How do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Well, this honestly is a secret! But I think if I get into politics, I could become a good one and would really play the role well.

One thing you have to let go of as an entrepreneur/leader?
I like everything about myself. Therefore, I am liked by others. I don’t see anything bad in myself. I am honest, I am regular, I am dedicated. There is nothing that I would want to let go of.

Whom do you owe your success to?
To everyone who has come forward in my support, to my beautiful people and to my strong commitment.

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