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philipsPhilips launched the ‘AirFryer’- a Revolutionary Kitchen Appliance that fries with just Air Philips AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology to deliver greattasting fried food that contains up to 80% less fat and is 100% guilt-free.

The AirFryer’s Adjustable Temperature Control helps pre-set temperatures of up to 200°C to make crispy and evenlycooked fried food while cutting down food preparation time significantly. The AirFryer also comes with a Food Separator Accessory that allows to fry multiple foods at once without mixing the flavors together.

With the AirFryer’s patented Rapid Air technology, consumers can now depend on air to cook their food and enjoy great-tasting fried food that contains less fat. The innovative appliance also comes with an Integrated Air Filter that prevents unwanted cooking smells and vapours. Cleaning up after cooking is also made easy thanks to its removable, dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick surfaces that can be easily cleaned.

1. The AirFryer’s Adjustable Temperature Control helps preset temperatures of up to 200°C.
2. Philips AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology.
1. Patented Rapid Air Technology combines hot air with grill component to fry food.
2. Philips AirFryer comes complete with a recipe book containing 25 delicious recipes.

The Philips AirFryer also allows one to prepare scrumptious fried food very quickly and without the hassle and mess associated with conventional frying methods. It allows everyone to indulge their taste buds in a hearty home-cooked meal with a variety of AirFried dishes that contain up to 80% less fat and are 100% guilt-free.

True to its reputation for deliveringinnovation and simplicity to Indian homes, Philips today unveiled the revolutionary Philips AirFryer, which integrates intelligent design components and leading technology to create the perfect addition to the Indian kitchen.

Philips understands that consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their diet and discerning in their food choices today, opting for less oil and fat content in their food without wanting to compromise on taste. With the Philips AirFryer, they get the best of both worlds – air-fried food that retains the taste but not the fat. The AirFryer makes mealtimes convenient and absolutely fuss-free. This revolutionary new solution addresses consumers’ evolving needs, which is at the heart of all our innovations.

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