revive7UP, the refreshing clear drink with a natural lemon and lime flavor was created in 1929. It was launched in India in 1990 and its international mascot Fido Dido was used for advertising in 1992, to position the brand as a cool drink for youngsters. Fido became an instant hit with his trendy look, laid-back attitude and unconventional take on life. 7UP is one of the first to be nationally distributed besides being marketed as a healthier alternative to other soft drinks.

7UP’s lemon refreshment picks you up and leaves you feeling upbeat. Its sparkling, crisp lemon and lime flavor keeps you positive against all odds. Just the perfect drink for a country that’s simply unput-downable by its share of downswings and challenges. We’re always upbeat about the present, and optimistic about our future. 7UP’s brand philosophy – I Feel Up – celebrates this irrepressible optimism.

1. Over the years 7UP has engaged the youth with its lemon based refreshing taste.
2. More than 40 per cent of its energy is today generated from renewable sources.
1. 7UP is one of the first to be nationally distributed besides being marketed as a healthier alternative to other soft drinks.
2. PepsiCo(the parent company of 7UP Revive) provides 360-degree support to the farmer.

The parent company of 7UP Revive, PepsiCo India has pioneered and established a model of partnership with farmers and now works with over 24,000 happy farmers across nine states. The association with PepsiCo India has not only raised the incomes of small and marginal farmers, but also their social standing.

Over the years 7UP has engaged the youth with its lemon based refreshing taste coupled with its refreshing attitude towards life. 7UP has always had a huge presence in South India. The brand has been running its hugely popular yearly program of ‘7UP Dance Pattalam’.

The refreshing take of 7UP has been evident in all its communication through the years. Over the years 7UP has been serenaded by crooning’s of the svelte Yana Gupta got cajoled by curvy Mallika Sehrawat was uniquely endorsed by Bappi Lahiri, its take on life popularized by Sharman Joshi, Allu Arjun, STR and Puneeth Rajkumar. Most recently Irrfan Khan got refreshed by 7UP. The Pepsi IPL teams of Chennai Super Kings and Hyderabad Sunrisers also get their dose of refreshment from 7UP.

The brand is focused on reducing its carbon footprint. Initiatives such as reduction in use of chemicals, eco-friendly packaging initiatives and efficient waste management help reduce load on the environment.