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Octavia Nasr
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Octavia Nasr

Octavia Nasr served as CNN’s senior editor of Middle Eastern affairs, before starting her own firm, Bridges Media Consulting in Atlanta, 2010.

Octavia Nasr was born and brought up in Beirut. She majored in Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University and began her journalism career at Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC). She started as a war journalist and made her first move by covering the last days of Civil War.

Now working as President and CEO of her media consulting firm, Octavia has projected her journalistic experience of more than 25 years in leading clients to leverage the use of social media.

Through training and consulting, she has assisted media organisations and individuals in maximising the existing communication gap and overcoming problems in production.

Octavia is regarded as one of the pioneers in integrating social media with traditional methods of news gathering and reporting.

For more than two decades, Octavia has covered every major story involving the Middle East, as an on-air and off-air expert, across CNN’s global platforms. Her tenure at the network started just after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

She has also coordinated the coverage of the Gulf War as part of CNN’s international assignment desk. She spent months travelling in the Middle East, coordinating exclusive on-air appearances.

In 2001, Octavia’s distinct experience and wide-ranging knowledge of Middle East cultures brought her broad recognition during CNN’s coverage of the September 11th attacks and their aftermath.

In Octavia’s words, she has been on “both the successful and perilous receiving ends of social media.” Therefore, she has a lot to offer in terms of evolving traditional media to meet new challenges.

Octavia believes her company will help clients figure out the roles different media platforms – citizen journalism, traditional reporting, blogging and social media – play in news gathering and building credible stories and trustworthy news bulletins.

She has been at the receiving end of many prestigious awards. In 1993, Octavia was honoured with Golden Cable ACE award for her coverage of the Gulf-war, followed by Overseas Press Club award, in 2002, for her post 9/11 coverage.

In 2006, she won Edward R. Murrow award for her continuing coverage of war in Lebanon and also received Excellence in Journalism honour from the Lebanese-American Chamber of Commerce.

From a successful journalist to venturing into consultancy, Octavia always knew where she wants to finally land up. Describing her move she has often said, “The time came for me to get on the road representing myself and everything I stand for. Through Bridges Media Consulting, I wish to be a voice of reason, a voice of moderation, and a voice of expertise and best practices.”

She considers delivering informed and engaging stories to people and it is through this belief that Octavia has been striving “to bring expertise and thought leadership to organizations and perspectives in conflict – domestic and global.”

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