Nishita Shah


Nishita Shah

Young entrepreneur Nishita Shah Federbush is in the club of richest in Thailand. The 30-year-old woman of Gujarati origin has her business empire in Bangkok and has found a respectable place in the Forbes report on Thailand’s 40 richest people.

Nishita Shah is director of Precious Shipping Public Company Ltd, a dry bulk shipper founded by his father, Kirit Shah. She is holding the position in the company since 2002. She holds around 9.85 crore shares, which account for 9.48% of the total paid-up capital of the listed company. Precious Shipping has a fleet size of 44 ships.

She is also director in other non-listed companies, including Globex Corporation Ltd, Graintrade Ltd, Unistretch Ltd, and Geepee Air Service Ltd. Nishita’s father Kirit founded the group in 1989 and subsequently took it public in 1993. Her family migrated from India to Burma and then to Thailand many years ago.

Nishita has done Bachelor of Science in business administration with concentration in finance and business law from Boston University School of Management. She is also a licensed pilot. Besides, she owns a clothing company called Burn Baby and has launched her own fashion label ‘Nsha’- in three continents.

The company’s first chapter opened more than 150 years ago. That’s when her forefathers named – Khetsee and Devjee-from Gujarat migrated to the boomtown of Bombay where they planted the roots of their business. In 1976, Chimanlal’s only son, Kirit-then aged 22-was told by his father to circumnavigate the globe to meet present and future customers.