Nihar Parikh

Nihar Parikh

68-Nihar-ParikhNihar Parikh, executive director, ZCL Chemicals Ltd, envisions to take his company to the next orbit in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. In his formative years, Nihar aspired to become an architect but soon altered his course and landed up as an engineer. He completed his degree with a specialisation in chemical engineering and soon after, he started working for Johnsons & Johnsons in Belgium.

He later returned to India to gain knowledge and dynamics of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. With a process-oriented meticulous approach, he is responsible for the overall development of ZCL.

“With my father standing always by my side, I used to imagine leading the company to its pinnacle. He has been my source of inspiration. I was competently guided by my parents to choose chemical engineering and pursue the dream of becoming an ‘architect’ of our own business!”

Driven by the philosophy of ‘Quality in everything we do’, Nihar has been scaling heights beginning with leading company’s growth to over 30 per cent CAGR over the last five years.

Nihar has been instrumental in differentiating his organisation as a customercentric and result-oriented business and believes that if one focusses on what he wants, everything will fall in its place.

As a leader he provides and looks after a favourable environment thus enabling his people to be responsible and decisive. “Agility is our DNA,” he says. Changing lifestyles have resulted in high growth of Central Nervous System (CNS) across the globe. Therefore, more than 90 per cent of Nihar’s products belong to CNS segment appealing to emerging economies such as Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and further more.

Under his leadership, ZCL enjoys partnership with some of the world’s leading innovators, whereas 60 per cent of its revenue is generated from innovators and 45 per cent is acquired from the products which are still under patent.
Nihar has been striving hard to double his revenues by 2017 and to achieve a target of $200 million by 2020. But with growing plans of expansion warranting most of his time and attention, Nihar finds it challenging to get his hands on some leisure time.
However, he always makes it a point to read a lot of business magazines, books and articles to uncover successful business strategies across the world.