Rabeth-KhanFor all those minds that are fuelled by innovation and toughened through scabrous times, perfection is a habit and success, a way of life. Neelesh Bhatnagar, the Chief Executive Officer of Emax, the largest electronics retailer in the Middle East, is a man who has brought transformation in this industry on the wings of perseverance and tenacity. After working as a chartered accountant in his initial years in United Arab Emirates with names like Xerox, Inchcape and TNT between 1992 to 1996, his competence was brought to light and in 1997 he re-joined Landmark Group to initiate the group’s operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). His decision to reunite with Dubai in 2005 paid off when in the very next year, i.e. 2006, he moved to Dubai as the CEO of Emax ,while still handling Landmark Group. It was that one day and today, the brand has opened 44 stores, eyeing at a probable 50+ by the end of 2013.

Backed by Landmark, Bhatnagar’s mettle was truly applauded when he took up the onus of investing over $10 million, on a building of 40,000 square metres that was abandoned for over 10 years. It was his dynamism and clout that transformed that investment, which initially lay as a question in the eyes of the masses, into an iconic shopping destination; “DOME” in Jeddah in 2001, which, to date, is their flagship in KSA. Such a name holds Asia’s Most Promising under obligation to give him the stature heso rightfully deserves. He is indeed one of the most powerful leaders of present times.




  • His burning passion towards the business is what sets him apart from his competitors & is exactly what makes him one of the most deliberate and conscientious leaders across the industry.
  • A mind brimming with proficiency & excellent management skills – is a very clear justification as to why he boasts about hardly having to lose any members from the team which he had when he started.
  • The basic ethos, with which Neelesh Bhatnagar binds his company, is commendable. He doesn’t have staff, but he has, as he likes to call it, a team, which he motivates, rather than leads. ƒƒ
  • A knack for identifying opportunities and utilising them is key for Neelesh Bhatnagar. Be it social or professional, his mind remains attuned to spotting them and churning them around into profitable ventures.
  • ƒƒNeelesh Bhatnagar’s impetus towards the growth of the brand has been clearly illustrated in his massive expansion plans of launching up to three stores in a span of one month and having over 50 stores across the GCC within seven years of its inception.

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