Nazmul Hassan

Rabeth-KhanIf there is anything that’s precious enough to gift the dying, its ‘life’ and Hassan has transformed this ideology into a business venture. Nazmul Hassan, the Managing Director of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BPL), has helped transform the pharmaceuticals industry of Bangladesh from an import dependent industry to an export oriented globally recognized pharma industry, which earned him numerous awards and accolades over the years. His venture has always been the flag¬ship of Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry with constant inno¬vation alongside effectiveness and efficiency in order to explore new horizons of export opportunities. His impetus to make BPL a pioneer in all segments it sought to enter, made them the first name to explore the pharma markets of Africa, Central America, the ASEAN region and Oceania. BeximcoPharma, on this date, is also an enlisted supplier of medicines to world renowned institutions like WHO, UNICEF etc.
Incorporated in 1976, based in a 23-acre site in Dhaka and currently employing 2,800 people, BeximcoPharma is a name that has spread its influence across borders so much so that their products are sold to retail outlets, hospitals and other institutes at home and abroad– with a geographic footprint across 55 countries- all this under the visionary leadership of one man, Hassan. His mettle has made many hearts endure and hope for a better life. A man who built an empire on the foundations of diligence, tenderness, warmth and an inclina¬tion towards making the lives of millions better, a visionary who built his dreams on the dreams of millions is a man Asia’s Most Promising holds deserving to be called as one of the most powerful magnates in today’s time.




• Hassan is also an adviser to Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (BAPI) having served there as Secretary General for nearly a decade.

• He is a frequent speaker in international conferences and an expert on TRIPS (Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) related issues, representing the Bangladesh government in many global events

• He is an elected member of the National Parliament and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health.

• His constant exertions to achieve his endeavors made Beximco Pharma the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in the country, winning the National Export Trophy (Gold) a record four times

• Hassan is the current president of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). He also serves as the Managing Director of Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd, Director of Independent TV, Director of Abahani Ltd, and the President of IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Alumni Association, Bangladesh.


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