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Nat Puri
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nat-puriOwner and Chairman Melton Medes Group

Said to be Nottingham’s richest man, Nathu Puri has built Melton Medes Group into a business empire in packaging, paper, engineering, textiles and plastics, in Germany, China, Poland and Hungary. Nat Puri, a self-effacing Punjabi who donates half a million pounds to charities every year, is setting up a scholarship for Indian engineering students to study in the London university where he first made his mark. Puri was born in Mullanpur, a village on the outskirts of Chandigarh and studied air-conditioning engineering in Britain. After working with FG Skerritt in Nottingham, a northern city, he left the company in 1975 to set up on his own before acquiring his ex-employers in 1983.

The Nat Puri Scholarship, which will bring Indians to London South Bank University, is aimed at giving Indian scholars the financial opportunities that Puri himself never had when he first came to Britain from Chandigarh in 1966.

Key attributes:

1. Philanthropist at heart.

2. Businessman Nat Puri has entered the Britain’s Richest Asians list.

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