Rabeth-KhanFollowing the principle of “give only what you can receive”, Zain Nasir, CEO of Heaven on Earth developers has never believed in competition, being leaders or even their follow¬ers, he has always been an originator and not a limitator and that is exactly what he considers to be his greatest strength. While he received the Award of Excellence which indeed spoke volumes for itself he was found thanking his guardians, relatives and the Directors along with the staff. A man who does not believe in impossible and takes up challenges as a part of life is a man who is destined to succeed in life. If one was to ask Nasir, what could we expect from him in the times to come, he’s say, “A new era of Celebrity and Entertainment and services like none before and without any competition whatsoever due to being in a league of our own and to remain uncompetitive and unbeatable, also to remain and sustain vigorously against all odds.” Such confidence in self and in one’s team is not only benefiting but a motivation like no other.

Socially active, Nasir believes that interacting personally and dili¬gently is an imperative in life. One must not be isolated high above in some ivory towers away from reality. He aims to serve the public locally and wants to see their presence augment to greater heights than it is today. He wishes to continue being the proud strength of Dubai and remain as the prime paragons of the world.




  • Has been the contender for Award of Excellence.
  • His moral values hold strong making the ethical foundation of the organization indomitable.
  • His attitude of “Originator and not Limitator” motivates everyone around him to excel in life and reach great heights.
  • His humble approach towards his seniors, peers kith and kin amplifies the very value chain that runs in the organization.
  • His knack for taking up challenges add us to the strength of Heaven & Earth Developers.

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