Nahm became the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star. Located on the ground floor of the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok – lies a century-old cookbooks of former Thai matriarchs. In them one would find obscure but big-flavour dishes, many of which hadn’t been seen for years. Think southern-style grilled mussels smoked with coconut husks then cooked with curry-infused coconut cream; a feisty smoked-fish curry with chicken livers and cockles and alluring young tamarind relish blended with minced prawns, and shrimp paste and spread over braised mackerel, and vegetables. Each sharing plate is a perfect interplay of sour, sweet, salt and spice – the latter sometimes at inferno levels. This disciple of authenticity doesn’t sway for delicate palates: notify staff of spice tolerances, order a herb-infused cocktail and strap in for the ride. Alone, Nahm is worth a trip to Bangkok.

Standout dish: Bite-sized portions of smoky Chiang Mai-style chilli relish with quail eggs and pork crackling.


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