The team at Mufti is led by the young and dynamic Kamal Khushlani who has fashion in his genes and had the taste and eye for fashion at the young age of 24. Kamal Khushlani, born on 25th of September 1966 is a graduate in Commerce. Born & brought up in Mumbai he is possibly the least-visible personality in the fashion fraternity who has influenced more new fashion than one could imagine. His knowledge about the industry and its requirements ensures that he is always the first with new fashion and trends that later get adopted by the industry, sometimes a season later, sometimes a year later. He can aptly be described as a selftaught fashion designer, brand strategist and futurologist. He is a firm believer in the wave of culture and fashion that will flow towards the West from India. His current obsession is to help that wave along and position his brand in the best possible manner to exploit it. His ambition is to make Mufti India’s first fashion world brand. It’s this vision and foresight that has always kept Mufti ahead of times and competition.






  • ƒƒ Devoted to fashion: His single minded devotion to fashion has played a vital role in his success.
  • ƒƒ Optimistic: One of his major strengths lies in the fact that he looks at people’s abilities rather than shortcomings.
  • ƒƒ Good at maintaining relationships: He believes in nurturing and maintaining relationships created during the journey from a small business to a major fashion brand in India.
  • ƒƒ Fair in all his dealings: He never shortchanges or takes undue advantage of any customer – whether internal or external.
  • ƒƒ Ability to think ahead: He has the ability to look at the future scenario rather than being stuck in the present problems.

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