Describe your business in 10 words or fewer.
The family business was in textiles when I joined the business in 1998 . When I started most of my time was spent in the grass root level to just understand the basics. Over the years as I started learning the busness, I started travelling a lot and looking at opportunities that’s how we looking the opportunities and how we got into home textile business quarters were going away in 2005 that wat really took the organization to the next level in 2005 we got into home textile bedding business today we are India’s second largest exporter of bedding we are one of the largest capacities in the country `we amongst the top 3 largest importer bedding into the united states today the co. becomes global co. that offices globally we have office in NY warehouse Chalet US we have office in Manchester UK with `warehousing and one in Melbourne in Australia and we are looking at another one or two opening this year so really the organization is growing when i Joined the business the turnover around 120 Crs

So what else influenced your decision, thought process in your career what else, and who has been guiding folks
so our decision i would very influenced by a customer’s so our objective as an organization is very straight forward and simple we want to make sure when we wake in the morning we are doing things as organization and personally to make sure we are adding value to customers business if we able to do that we are making sure that we are not becoming complex and we are adding value to our client business automatically business grow we are adding ` we are going to make and we are making our customers successful and he/she does if they successful and he/she does in term the business for indocount i think it’s fairly straight forward also the way we shoot straight so there is no beating around the bush whether is employees and customers if its right its right if it’s wrong than its wrong. when we go out there we speak we are quick decision maker that’s very very `imp how we manage a business of course the biggest guiding is for key team members in the organization and senior members always guide the team as well my `father who is the chairman without his support to me personally and team you know come out CDR he took care of the baking side of the business maintain those relationship convenience bank along with our finance team but to say that’s ok don’t worry about and go implement what you already put forth you know than your 50% of your load is just taken away so all you are doing productive work. From that prospective.

What is one thing you wish to change in your industry?
Textile in India and world is been a heritage business and its very very bright future even in the years to come i thing that two things that we need to do if you talk to the 10 people in the industry at least what i have seen in my 17-18 years very rarely this is the business is fine you know everybody use to complaining but that doesn’t solve the problems i mean u need to figure out the problem and move forward and the second thing we need to work more is to how tto see the younger people get into the business because that old industry so we have to it doesn’t have the glamour so we need to as organization and flag bearer we need to make sure how do we attract younger talent and give them right educations the right skills set they can come and make career out of it like what people done in the past.
As company we spending lots of time in skill development but that is very domestic related to kohlapur area it’s not on a widest scales across the country at this point of time.
As we become more and more responsible i mean one of the thing as we grow in profitable as an organization is not only how do we reinvest in our business and do we to CSR we are making lots of strikes today because we are dedicated to our net profit toward CSR we have taken five areas as a company or the first one is education, water and sanitation, skill development , women empowerment and fifth one is environment. So for example on the education side today we educate we just had board meeting on Saturday 27 thousands 800 students we put in e-learning module in 50 schools within 100 km radius of our facility and in any village there are 50 schools and teachers can teach math’s from grade 1 to 10 for English using e-learning module which phenomenal we put all the schools with proper drinking water facilities with stainless steel on the health care side we have vans we tied up with VOKHAD for health care vans which goes villages for 2 hrs every day two vans free medicines free medical checkup blood test they keep one your record on bar code we are building toilets blocks as we speak we have invested 50 crs in water treatment plant where we can re-use and recycle water this our water treatment plant from it. We are doing many things as an organization. Women Empowerment 5 year s ago we use to employee 60 women today we employee over 8oo women we have skill development center with we have tied up with ILFS in starting five months ago where every month we trained 80 women employees and they have never worked in their life. they have never work they have never earned for life and they have ben absorbed most of them where want to work in the fisrt and second shift facility which is unbelievable they have never worked earned for there family so it is see that empowerment is phenomenal. Which have very proud of it.

One thing you have to let go off as entrepreneur or leader
So you know i think as entrepreneur you have your set ideals you know that you have set the business with but as in when you as you get more professionalism into the business you have to learn how to take everybody’s view point and become more and more good listener rather than executor so as if i look my self-transforming my self from an entrepreneur today till now our rule is more entrepreneur in nature but we have to transfer from entrepreneurship to leadership so when we move to we have to be better listener how ever we see as entrepreneur organization the center of gravity is always towards the entrepreneur and that brings about sense of comfort with in the organization so i think when we move from being an entrepreneur to leader we dont want to loss the center of gravity you me able to do it by and let other people come and you wanted to people to know yet around if they need you to be so that’s the balance need to be draw because that s the comfort level that people also gain from but the on a larger scale its work on small scale it doesn’t work yes because i have seen many the moment they want to become business and shut correct because you let go so it has to be systematically u have you follow the right talent

What things fascinate you the most while you travel
So i travelled of fair amount almost 12 to 15 days in a month a lot of its is overseas because of our business being in more than 95% overseas. I love travelling and seeing places whether it is personal and business the most fascinate part to me is food and getting exposed to new culture its not new building i love dinning at diff restraunts seeing what it is so lot of my friends would do you want to go somewhere somewhere diff they pick up the phone or any email hopefully i have enough advised to give them and they really happy about it which is good. exploring new places of course. i have two boys we take out some time for personal in summer go for 2 weeks in winter for 1 week off. not more than that.

Best and worst things about your job
So I think the best thing is i would say the job is just very challenging and its keeps on toes i would really not say that there is any worst thing that i can think from this point of time.

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