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Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed

63-Mir Mohiuddin-MohammedMir Mohiuddin Mohammed, Director Academics, Nasr Education Society, has had the desire to impart knowledge, nurture talent and maximise the utilisation of technology to achieve goals. He has been engaged in the challenging task of leveraging the best of popular and emerging technologies for incorporation into a functional teaching methodology.

A 24yearold travel enthusiast, Mir M. Mohammed, believes that, “learning is a process and school is the place where it can be mastered.” With unfettered determination, he intends to make every child feel special about themselves and achieve proficiency in his or her interest.

A Master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, UK in Educational Leadership and Management; a distinction in Under Graduation from Osmania University, in Mass Communication, He thinks that education has never been about marks or grades. Education, as he explains, should inspire a child to gather knowledge and provide perspective to process information and spread the same in the society. He contends, “I believe in inspiring a child with a strong entrepreneurial attitude, with a focus purely intent on results.”

Debating on history and his ardour for fiction keeps him engrossed, furthermore, A lover of animals as well as an avid polo player, he has been an integral part of the Nasr Polo Club which has been institutionalised by his family, carrying forward a legacy of four generations of polo players, Mir M. Mohammed has represented the club at various national and international tournaments, apart from playing for ASC and Artillery (Indian Army).

He concludes, “The most sophisticated technologies are useless if people don’t know how to use them efficiently. The appetence to acquire knowledge and skill begins with arousing a child with a strong ambitious attitude, which is imperative to be a leader.”

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