Mir Khutubuddin Khan


Mir Khutubuddin Khan

Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Secretary, Nasr Education Society, envisions having an educated India where children will attain knowledge irrespective of their social or economic background.

The time when a need was felt to incorporate technology in the education system, Mir K. Khan joined Nasr in 1985 as a teaching methodology designer for a concept ‘education technology’, unheard back then. Subsequent to the introduction of comprehensive software, he took up as director for digital empowerment.

A philanthropist, a visionary and an innovator, heir to the House of Surat, an aristocratic family with a lineage of great rulers and learned personalities. He takes great pride in his prodigious knowledge. He states, “Emotional intelligence strengthens the ability to empathise and be able to understand others better.”

As a practice to analyse one’s growth with respect to their experience, he periodically self-assess himself, undergoing different situations of testing his strength as a leader. He further describes that as an outcome to the analysis he was amazed to identify “leadership as a continuous evolving process of human behaviour which grows with focus and experience.”

An innate leader, he depicts leadership as a part of one’s character, which also defines social acceptability and ability to influence others. He believes that leadership skills can be developed through learning and practice if one is ready to be persistent, patient and committed.

Nasr, as he depicts, has been a pleasurable experience, “With state of the art facilities, affordable fee structure, and a student centred teaching programme, Nasr stands to be one of the finest schools in India.” For him, education at Nasr has all about been complete grooming rather than just studies and sports.

An admirer of his mentor, Begum Anees Khan, the founder principal of Nasr School, he says, “She didn’t do anything spectacularly incredible or charitable. Nor did she save the world. But she made a difference in everyone’s life by just being what she precisely is. She is kind, adventurous and brave.”

His interests lie in falconry, astrography, flute playing and keeping himself sharp with golf.

For his love of horses and polo he has included riding and polo as part of the curriculum of the school so that budding riders can be encouraged to become polo players.

Unlike any other leader, Mir K. Khan uniquely opines that employees are different and so are their needs, therefore a leader cannot address all their problems but by acknowledging their efforts he can gain trust and respect. The credo for social responsibility has given meaning to his work, and with this determination he believes an organisation can provide direction to individuals by having them to achieve greater levels of confidence.

As he puts across, “They will feel excited going to work every day and would never characterise it as tedious and unrewarding. Thus, corporate social responsibility can become a source of personal pride as well as a way to make work interesting, important, effective and complete.”

In 2012, he received The Bharath Shiksha Ratan award, and in 2013, he received The Indira Gandhi Excellence Award prior to being honoured with ‘Educating the Girl child’ award from the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

He concludes, “We can make a difference by having a true conscience and being socially efficacious to be a great leader.”