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benzSustainability is a big word to which Mercedes lend real meaning in all that it does, down to the smallest details. From minimising the environmental impact of the production operations to alternative drive configurations.

Mercedes A Class has continued its triumphal advance ever since in virtually all model series. And on every terrain. 75 models are now out on the road with 4MATIC and it is tailormade for A-class. For more safety and an intensive driving experience in every single moment.

1. More economical, cleaner,more powerful.
2. Attention Asist can detect typical signs of drowsiness based on steering behavior.
1. Every Mercedes A Class is highly trained in first aid.
2. The A-Class signals the launch of the current Mercedes-Benz diesel technology.

In Mercedes A-Class dynamically critical driving situations, the Electronic Stability Program can counter any tendency to skid. By applying specific braking action at individual wheels, ESP reduces any tendency to oversteer or understeer.If required the engine power is also adjusted to suit. In the event of danger: Acceleration Skid Control (ASR) Moving off and accelerating on snow, wet road surfaces or gravel – in these situations acceleration skid control (ASR) prevents individual wheels from spinning, so as to prevent the vehicle from breaking away sideways. In an accident an extensive protection system can substantially reduce the risk of injury.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) The rotational speed of each wheel is constantly monitored by rpm sensors. The Anti-lock Braking System intervenes if the rotational speed of a wheel greatly decreases during braking, which indicates that locking is imminent. Solenoid valves first block the brake line, rerouting some of the brake fluid to lower the brake pressure. Afterwards the re-routed brake fluid is fed back to the line between the brake cylinder and the solenoid valve, normalising the brake pressure. This process is repeated several times per second, which leads to the brake pedal vibration typical of anti-lock braking systems.

Attention Asist can detect typical signs of drowsiness based on steering behavior, specially on long journeys and when driving at night, and give the driver plenty of warning if microsleep is imminent. The adaptive brake control system improves braking performance through intelligent intervention: in wet conditions, the brake discs are kept dry.

Mercedes A Class is highly trained in first aid. If the worst comes to the worst, the engine can be stopped automatically, the hazard warning lights and emergency interior lighting can be activated, and the central locking can be unlocked.

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