Saturday, July 2018
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manojFounder 5 Hour Energy

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian born, greatly appreciated for stumbling upon a formula for energy shots. His two-ounce caffeine and vitamin elixir, 5-Hour Energy, promises to keep users alert without crashing, and claims a 90%-plus market share in the energy shot sector. He gained instant success with the energy drink, whose credibility is vouched for by many.

Soon after dropping out of Princeton University, Manoj went back to India and lived as a monk for 12 years. After returning to US, he forged a successful career in plastics, and started a consumer company, by the name of Essential Living of which he owns 35%. He has also created several other companies including Senterra Water, ETC Capital, Oakland Energy & Water Ventures, Stage 2 Innovations, MicroDose Life Sciences, and US Rail.

Key attributes:

1. He has been involved with various charitable events and has also pledged 45% of his company Living Essential to be donated to impoverished areas in India. Being inclined in charitable activities, he has the markings of responsible leader.

2. He has been an artificer, and he has planned to develop stationary bikes that generate electricity which will then be distributed for free as part of a “major rollout” in early 2016.

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