Please tell us more about American Express?
Amex is a global services company that provides products, insights and experiences. We service relationships, and take every opportunity to deepen customer loyalty by adding tangible value to our customer’s lives.
Tell me how agile Amex is. You started with the cashless thing and then guys like Paytm and others have taken over that space quite a bit .So how does a global brand like Amex adapt to that?
Every day you come in there is something new whether it’s a new regulation, you spoke about digital wallets, we must be ahead of the game always.
Taking a broader view, we see a compelling range of growth opportunities as consumers continue to move away from cash and checks, as online and mobile opportunities expand, and as commerce and payments continue to converge. While we see newer entrants looking to disrupt the industry, we believe that macro trends in payments and technology can play to our strengths in the years ahead. We have a tremendous set of assets to draw upon—our trusted brand, the advantages of our closed loop and the data it provides, world-class customer service, and our proven ability to innovate. Given that only 5% of India is cashless, I strongly feel there’s room for everyone.
We’ve competitive advantages of our Closed-Loop Network and Spend-Centric Model.  We believe our “closed-loop” network and “spend-centric” business model continues to be competitive advantages by giving us the ability to provide differentiated value to Card Members, merchants and our card-issuing partners.
Take, for example, how we’ve transformed our Membership Rewards program to provide increasingly customized mobile rewards at the point of purchase. Then there’s the launch of AmEx Offers, which uses our knowledge of spending patterns to deliver curated merchant deals. Big Data analysis is also helping us improve servicing, detect and prevent fraud, and offer more relevant products to the right customers. As part of this journey, we are working closely with other platform companies to bring our customers great commerce and lifestyle experiences. Globally, American Express has been a leader in this space through our early integrations with Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor and Uber.
Three advices to the young kids who want to make a great future in the corporate?
Be Ambitious, Be Authentic and there is no substitute for Hard work.
 What are the core brand values of Amex? How synced are you as CEO to move forward with those brand values?
For me these are 3 key values Security, integrity and trust. We at AmEx take great pride in fostering a diverse work environment that encourages different backgrounds, talents and perspectives to thrive.  For customers, we have a dashboard called voice of customer where the leadership listen to 4-5 randomly picked customer care calls during our meetings and find the patterns emerging in our customer outreach. We discuss how to perfect, what we are doing right and ensure flaws don’t recur.
We have a commitment to integrity, a commitment to customers. It has led to our reputation of being the best service company, a reputation that we take immense pride of. Our key differentiators are Innovation and Service. This has helped us consistently invest in innovative technology thereby helping us retain and to grow our customer loyalty globally.
How much of people’s inputs do you take as a boss?
I think the qualities of a great leader is somebody who is authentic, somebody who is aggressive, somebody who is approachable, and if you have these three qualities, you will be highly admired, and highly inspirational.
At American Express, we continuously aim to create an atmosphere for all employees where they feel empowered and emboldened to speak up and work together. We have created platforms / forums within the organization as an essential effort towards this end.
I worked 27 years and for 25 years, I have been working as a leader. One particular thing which has not changed is when it comes to people’ s expectation from me, I would like to always deliver more than expected especially when it comes to their career aspirations. We believe in treating people with respect and dignity, collaboration is critical for me in addition to team work and integrity.

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