Man crushed to death as wall collapses in UAE

40-year-old engineer killed in incident on building site in Al Rifa’a area of Ras Al Khamiah

Ras Al Khaimah; A man was crushed to death after part of a wall collapsed at a construction site in Ras Al Khaimah. 

The 40-year-old Sudanese engineer died in Al Rifa’a area on Sunday .

Preliminary investigation revealed that the wall’s foundations were not constructed well enough, causing it to collapse.

As soon as the police were notified, a patrol and paramedics rushed to the site.

However, the engineer who was identified A.M.A.Q., was already dead when the emergency team arrived.

The rescue unit retrieved the body from the debris and moved it to forensic laboratory for autopsy.

The body will be handed over to the victim’s family when legal procedures are complete.

Police have summoned witnesses for questioning. The investigation is ongoing.

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