Building is company on the values of integrity, quality and reliability, Mahesh Pawar has become one of the leaders of the Indian Real Estate sector. His vision and dedication have lent the Mahavir Hanuman Group of Companies an aura of authority and durability. He strongly believes in the power of personal interactions and takes a hands-on approach towards his business, be it dealing with Investors, banks or customers. He believes in providing the consumer with a customised experience, creating accessibility and trust with the very first interaction. He has built his entire organization on these principals.

With 15 years of experience in the field, Pawar has developed a keen insight. It was this insight and keen sense of developments in the sector that led him to the recognition of Baghpat as a hub for Real Estate and infrastructural development. He was one of the very first to invest in the development of the region, creating opportunities for investors, customers as well as the residents of the area. Working in close tandem with development authorities, Joint Venture partners and leading planners and architects he has delivered projects like River Park, River Park II and Crystal Valley among others in the NCR area. He has expanded the vision of the group to encompass residential complexes, integrated townships, group housing projects, shopping malls, multiplexes, industrial complexes and more and through these has garnered an impressive list of corporate clients and investors. It is his vision and his personal touch that has led to the emergence of the Mahavir Hanuman Group as a leader.



  • ƒƒ Keen insight that gives the company the first mover advantage when opportunities arise in the Real-Estate sector.
  • ƒƒ Creating trust through one on one interactions and maintain that trust through delivering what was promised
  • ƒƒ Creation of projects that are categorised by with attention to detail and harmony
  • ƒƒ Delivery of successful projects that have helped in creating brand awareness and trust among investors
  • ƒƒ A diverse portfolio of catering to a variety of customers.

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