Engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, visionary, started his journey towards corporate leadership with the Indian Oil Company. After working with this prestigious organization for over a decade, with the will to create something that reflected aspiration to providing purity he started the manufacture of Oil Meters that were of his own design. This however proved to be a precursor to the venture that would make him a leader in the Water purification industry with the ability to compete with international giants.

When he found the quality of water purifiers available in the market lacking for consumption by family, he did what he had been trained to do at IIT Kanpur, he built something that he could be proud of. It was in thus in March 1999 the Reverse Osmosis water purifier: Kent RO was born. It is a testimony to the quality of the product that even with a price higher that the existing competition Kent RO soon became the leader. Gupta, with no prior experience of the corporate sector created a knowledge base for himself through extensive reading and analysis of the market. Truly a self-made man, he exploited this knowledge base to launch marketing campaigns that targeted a wide range of audience, roping in Hema Malini and later Boman Irani as the brand ambassadors for his brand that helped it in garnering the trust of the audience. In his latest feat, he has joined hands with the international electronics giant Electrolux to create water purifiers in the luxury segment, thus entering adding a new segment to the already diverse rage. With him at the helm of affairs, the brand has shown growth rates higher that that of the overall market, proving that passion and hard work combined are the harbingers of success.


  • ƒƒ Patented technologies that have helped him in maintain his technological edge over his competition
  • ƒƒ A self-made man with a passion for providing his countrymen with pure drinking water for affordable prices without compromising on quality.
  • ƒƒ Choice of brand ambassadors to reach the target audience of the urban and rural families
  • ƒƒ Creating a stake for the brand in the low, mid and high segments with a diversified product range.
  • ƒƒ Garnering a growth rate of more than 30 percent as compared to the 25 percent of the water purification market as a whole by ATL media campaigns that create both awareness and recall.

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