Mahesh Adgaonkar

Mahesh Adgaonkar

71-Mahesh-AdgaonkarMahesh Adgaonkar, director of Adgaonkar Saraf Pvt. Ltd, believes in putting his heart and soul in everything he desires to achieve. For this 28-year-old young man, there is no substitute for hard work. No miracle or magic wand helped him in succeeding in the 84-year-old business of retail jewellery.

In his 10 years of experience, Mahesh has been instrumental in making strategic decisions in developing and driving growth strategies for Adgaonkar Saraf.

At the age of 17, he got himself involved in the business. Watching his father and uncle working hard for the growth and expansion of the business, he always aspired to become a leader.

“Any business can be evolutionised through simple means of communication among all the levels of organisation. A good leader should keep on motivating his employees, thereby enhancing their efficiency and increasing their productivity,” he explains his idea of leadership.

A specialist in pearl grading and small diamond assorment, Mahesh envisions reaching out to global consumers, thus expanding his retail jewellery business to real estate, silk, sarees and even the entertainment industry.

For Mahesh, upholding the trust and retaining a strong bond with consumers have always been a focal point of his business. Driven by curiousity and self-motivation, Mahesh was honoured with the Business Excellence and Ethics award in 2012.

He thinks of corporate philanthropy as a collective effort benefiting the society at large. He also terms it as a strategy which, in addition to compassion, helps in positioning one’s business distinctively apart from the competition.

He believes in associating with the customers at all levels by offering them the best products at the best prices. And he is very insistent on fair business. “The company delivers services with a fair and ethical business practice. These are the key values which will be passed down to all the generations,” says the young leader.

Mahesh also believes that limiting oneself to a few charitable institutions provides greater clarity and allocation of resources, thereby bringing pride to the company and employees as well.