Leonard Tan


Leonard Tan

“If everything in business can be solved so easily, then there won’t be a need for entrepreneurs,” following this viewpoint, Leonard Tan, Founder and CEO of Purple Click, is known for his strong entrepreneurial vision, ingenuity and knack for overcoming challenges with out-of-the-box solutions.

Born in a modest Chinese family, Tan was raised in Singapore. As he grew up watching his father building a successful business from the scratch, he was inspired to do the same.

Years later, he graduated from the US with Masters of Science in e-commerce with straight distinctions. During his two years stint as an account manager in Yahoo!, Tan realised the growing consolidation of Search Engine Marketing (SME). Therefore he presented a business opportunity in online advertising to the top management in Yahoo! and since then there has been no turning back from him.

Tan has been instrumental in re-launching the Sponsored Results Platform at Yahoo! No wonder he became the first and only individual conferred by Yahoo! as its ‘Certified Search Ambassador’.

Tan identified a major gap in the market within the sphere of consulting clients to improve their online marketing capabilities. In 2006, he founded Purple Click, an online advertising agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It enabled customers to meet their business objectives with cost effective marketing on leading online platforms.

Headquartered in Singapore, Purple Click continues to be the first and only company in Southeast Asia accredited by Google, Yahoo! and Baidu for providing its clients with unbiased recommendations.

Describing entrepreneurship as a tough journey, Tan has always been optimistic considering that ‘no problem is un-solvable’. He believes that no matter how difficult a market may appear, in the end it all boils down to having a strong, determined and positive mindset to keep an entrepreneur going.

In 2013, Leonard Tan was honoured as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards. A year later, he was reviewed as one of the top influential marketers, under 40 league, by the Singapore business review. Earlier in 2013, he also emerged as a winner in the ‘Red Herring Top 100 Asia’ awards.

After expanding its hold in Malaysia, Tan is looking forward into the emerging markets in the Southeast Asia region. Well-poised for greater heights, he wants Purple Click to be a Singapore iconic brand in the global marketplace, thus driving the sales leads from all across the world.

“My early beginnings had taught me the value of being frugal. I was motivated to earn my own money through the mechanics of buying and selling. All along, I wanted to create a legacy, something to call my own. So, I chose the entrepreneurial path,” Tan described in an interview.