Leadership in India – #BreakthroughIdeas2018, Parag Kulkarni, AO SMITH

Leadership in India – Breakthrough Ideas 2018, Parag Kulkarni, MD, A.O. Smith India Water Products


As per syndicated reports, India has around 4% of our world’s renewable water resources and is home to about 18% of world’s population. Hence potable water is not just scarce but also challenged with deteriorating quality. Hence it’s imperative for us to not just address the purification need of water but also the scarcity. We need products that provide the best purification possible in a way that minimizes wastage in the process.


  1. What innovations are you getting in your industry for a better Indian economy?

ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™) in Water Purifiers – A.O.Smith launched its Green RO series water purifiers which are made for those who are both health and environmental conscious. Ordinary RO water purifiers use four glasses of water to make just one glass of clean water but A. O. Smith water purifiers with Advance Recovery Technology™ (ART™) save 2X more water®. Unlike ordinary RO purifiers, the water doesn’t bypass the RO membrane, instead it passes 100% of the water through it. What this means is that all the water is purified with minimal wastage. A. O. Smith Green RO series – it’s a range that gives you healthy water in an eco-friendly way.

Express Heat & Energy Efficiency in Water Heaters – A.O.Smith water heaters have taken focus, drive and honesty to consistently innovate and maintain the highest standards. While innovation has been the key, energy efficiency and consistent quality have provided fulfilling customer experience. As longer warranty pioneers in the industry for water heaters, once you ‘Fit It’, you can simply ‘Forget it’. The new range of HSE-SGS water heaters branded as “Express Heat” has an elegant design and allows 33% faster heating in the category with the use of innovative technology. Our “Advanced PUF” Technology ensures our water heaters have efficiencies better than even 5 Star requirements as per BEE standards.

Parag Kulkarni, AO Smith India Parag Kulkarni, AO Smith India

  1. Define your leadership style and role.

I believe that there is not one but multiple leadership styles that I fall back upon and these are situational driven. However I must agree that the leadership styles that I prefer using would switch between Affiliative, Democratic and Coaching. I believe in using the collective team capability and prowess to deliver consistent results.

  1. Breakthrough ideas from you.

8 Stage Purification of Water – Our Green Series RO purification system undoes what the world has done to water. At the press of a button, you get water the way it was meant to be. Fresh, clean and even good for your baby.

Instant Hot Water from Water Purifier – Understanding the intrinsic use in day-to-day requirement, select models in our portfolio provide hot water options making it convenient not just for a warm sip but also for cooking.

Advanced PUF Technology– In A.O.Smith water heaters, advanced PUF injection ensures uniform and high density foam distribution. This ensures maximum insulation thereby avoiding heat loss, making our water heaters most energy efficient in the industry. 

Power of One Service – We’re the pioneers in establishing an industry leading service standard “Power of One” – One Hour Response, One Day Resolution and One Time Fix.

  1. Suggestions for a Better India.

Continued focus on developing green products that are innovative, technology driven, energy efficient and water conserving. It is also imperative to create awareness amongst consumers on perils of consuming impure water, educate them on how technology can help them conserve and purify their drinking water hence making it a healthy India.


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