Leader in the Financial Services Sector

emkayEmkay Global Financial Services Ltd. is a leader in the financial services sector, actively creating wealth for its clients for nearly two decades.
Founded in 1995 with a clear goal of offering sound, researchbacked financial advice, we have successfully served a wide variety of highly distinguished clientele around the world; including foreign institutional investors (FIIs), domestic mutual funds, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, private equity firms, corporate houses, small and medium-sized enterprises and high net worth individuals (HNIs).
Emkay combines the power of big picture thinking with the benefits of attention to detail. This is perfectly reflected in its expansive bouquet of financial solutions that are individually tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer.
The key service offerings consist of institutional equities, portfolio management services, private wealth management, investment banking and insurance. It also offers commodities, currency derivatives, insurance and retail broking services. Its deep expertise in specialized areas like Futures and Options trading sets it apart from competition. Its stellar reputation as wealth creators is a direct result of nurturing one of the strongest equity teams in the country. It eschews reactionary financial moves in favor of a detailoriented,

Key Highlights
1. Dedicated customer service desk and rigorous TATs and processes to resolve queries and complaints.
2. Established several touch points for customers.
3. Embraces technological developments and ensures innovations in product and service deliveries.
4. Equips clients with world-class research reports and trading ideas – churned in-house by a dedicated team of Research Analysts.

research driven approach to investing. Value investing – the science of identifying and investing in under-valued stocks through in-depth quantitative and qualitative research – is a strong guiding principle that lies at the heart of its investing philosophy. The results of this approach are evident in the enduring, successful relationships it enjoys with its clients. The company offers an entire spectrum of financial services backed by one of the strongest and highly awarded research teams in the country.
The key leadership value that has driven Emkay since inception is ‘Integrity’. It believes that a brand that lives with integrity is incorruptible and incapable of breaking the trust of those who have confided in it. Emkay is committed to do the right thing for the right reason. It has established a set of ethical policies and integrated them into its business processes. Each employee is made aware of these and knows clearly that any deviation from any of these will not be tolerated.
Emkay’s leadership is a blend of experience and knowledge. Its leaders help it attain excellence in the world of finance. Be it research, markets, technology or even dayto- day operations, the captains that sheer the Emkay ship are pioneers in their own right. They infuse speed and flexibility in decision-making and implementation, empowering the business in the financial markets.

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