Rabeth-KhanMost men dream, few stay awake and make them happen. Kulwant Singh has become an immaculate exemplar of a man who has strived for, and achieved august heights in the sphere of tourism and travel. His name embodies the spirits of Lama Tours – a venture that transformed the way our whole continent eyed tourism. It requires sheer perseverance and tenacity to transform an inkling into something as tangible and omnipotent as Lama Group which has diversified its interests and today boasts an impressive infrastructure of three desert safari camps (two of them in Dubai’s Conservation Zone), a cruise business, a fleet of buses, cars and stretch limos, as well as two Dubai hotels —Seven Sands and Arabian Sands.

Giving his inkling its first sunrise in 1997, within a decade, his calibrate for his passion made Lama Group invincible enough to spearhead 50% of total events, which is said to be an approximate 400, that took place in Dubai. His fortitude and vigour gives him impetus to direct and streamline his efforts in a way that success is now the story of his life, while his roots stay grounded. His belief makes him stronger – a man who still sees growth because he keeps reminding his heart that there is a very long way to go still. Mr. Kulwant is one of those pioneers who thrive on pure innovation and it was this quality that led him into inventing Kiosks – Tourism on Spot – a delight that witnessed the enthusiasm of Russian Tourism Board. A decade plus and this man changed the facade of people’s view on exploring new places. His vigilant sight and ever astir brain makes him a leader Asia’s Most Promising holds in esteemed regard. Kulwant is not just another name in the pages of present businessmen who’ve mastered syllogism, but a whole paradigm shift goes to his making.



  • Sustainable use of technology to move the whole industry a step ahead – Kiosks – Tourism on Spot & “Make my Holiday”
  • The mettle to venture into a de-motivated market like that of India and having the resolute to make that change happen.
  • His ambition is what makes Lama Group all pervasive in tourism industry today. ƒƒ
  • He holds his relationships and associations in highest regards possibly making him a unique mix of trade and benevolence.ƒƒ
  • His vision to transform perception proves his candor and resilience towards bringing earnest change in people’s life.

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