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vinayVinay Agrawal
Angel Broking

It’s often said that leaders these days must operate in an environment of extreme volatility. Do you agree? How does that affect the way you lead? I completely agree with this. You have to be ready to react at any moment. Due to the drastic increase in volatility, you have to work in a very dynamic and agile way. We constantly keep raising the bar to anticipate that next big change. Strategizing your move has always been important and these days change can come so much more quickly.

How do you have the confidence to know the right choice is to zig when everyone around you is telling you to zag?
If I may ask you to share an incident You can have ten people coming up with ten different choices. But as a leader of a company your final decision matters a lot to the company’s progress. After keenly examining the scenario you have to take that one big decision so that the company keeps running in profit. Five years ago everybody in the BFSI sector were stressing towards digitization by using tablets in its various operations but we didn’t take the change that fast, everybody around us was saying that we will be left behind from other . But we took time and now we are one of the top users of tablets in the industry and our profits were never affected by the same.

Do you have a formal mechanism for making sure you stay in touch with employees and customers on the organization’s front line?
Consumers and employees interests are at the core of Angel Broking. There is a regular formal and informal touch and interactions for the same on the various levels. I make regular visits to the branches. And at a branch I make the effort to talk to all the employees there. I have been holding regularly scheduled employee discussion meetings. There are several formal meetings around the year to keep in connect with our employees and the costumers.

Your take on Impact of RBI and Fed Monetary Policy.
We believe that markets are likely to remain volatile considering that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding Trump’s policies and the exact impact of demonetization on economy. The Fed’s interest rate guidance for 2017 has also added more uncertainty. Overall we believe that the corporate earnings are likely to remain impacted in near term and to some extent fill first half of next fiscal due to demonetization. It is likely that the markets have now discounted the demonetization impact and will start to look beyond first half of the next fiscal. In the current scenario, improving cash supply would be positive for consumption. In our opinion, it makes good sense to hold stocks of fundamentally good companies which have shown correction.

What are your expectation from the next Budget on the backdrop of demonitisation?
We believe that this budget will see announcements that will lead to higher consumer spending and increased government expenditure. As finance minster already has indicated of tax cuts, some fiscal stimulus is very much possibility. We also believe that government is likely to announce investments in roads, railways, healthcare, rural and agriculture sectors to boost employment. There would be possible higher allocation for defense sector as well.

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