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ka-shaIt’s a really exciting time for the industry as I see a lot of work coming in with the customers getting acquainted with so many brands. There is a lot more openness to the acceptance by people. India today is still very governed by bridal wear and I am not going to deny that but there are a set of older, younger people alike who are travelling and looking at different trends and understanding different things.

Today people are looking for their own individuality which I think is the changing face of fashion and that is what young people who are in fashion should be thinking about. Be Unique! You don’t need to fill up someone else’s shoes. Learn from the people around you and do what you love contrary to what people believe.

Fashion is a very serious business, it’s not just about the 5 mins on the runway but there 5 month of hard work done with that. One of the tutors told me in college when I was complaining that I have show and my nail is broken and I don’t have time for me that “if you want all of this then you need to be in PR. Being a designer you are working with your hands nails will break they are going to be in a mess”.

Working Day
A typical working day now for me not only me all of us because we are living multiple lives wife/husband, mother …. So one of the reason you can balance your roles is by loving what you do. Design is about problem solving we should think about sustainability. Going to the studio in morning work all day long on different aspects to creating on entire array of work.

Ethos & Values
Fashion talks about where society is at the moment, so it’s a really interesting career option. Being a designer one of the most important things for me is about transparency and honesty. It’s like telling a story. Ithink the very essence of Ka-Sha is the idea of equality, quality respect and ultimately how beautiful is your storytelling.


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