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karamChef – Gymkhana UK

Karam Sethi, internationally renowned chef, is the person behind one of the most exquisite restaurant in London, which was also credited with National Restaurant Award in 2014. Gymkhana fascinated the customers with its savoring delicacies, teamed with traditional spices of India, and cooked with Indian culinary traditions. Gymkhana soon became one of the best restaurants in UK, and created a niche for Karam Sethi in this field.

Apart from Gymkhana, he also has another restaurant founded by him, namely, Trishna which focused on coastal cuisine of southwest. Starting up was the best decision he ever made and he was helped by his brother and sister, Jyotin and Sunaina, and they all are responsible for the success retained by the restaurants, which are helmed under the name of JKS restaurants.

Key attributes:

1. He started investing in young chefs and enterprises, giving them the encouragement that was essential. Thus, there are now four London restaurants in the portfolio, Bubbledogs and Kitchen, Sandia Chang, Lyle and Bao.

2. JKS is opening a new restaurant called Hoppers, which is said to be inspired by roadside shacks of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, which focus on hoppers and dosas. Thus, making people relish the taste and flavors, which are essentially ethnic and exotic.

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