Rabeth-KhanIt is when the sense of materialism is consumed by the realization of humanity that great leaders surface. One of the most evident names in that list is that of KD Singh. Currently Chairman Emeritus of the Alchemist Group, Kanwar Deep Singh runs free medical camps under the name of KD Singh foundation. These camps majorly focus on Diabe-tes detection, HB detection, Hypertension, Complete Ortho Check-ups, Arthritis Management, Joints management and a free consultation is provided to all patients by renowned doctors. These camps have received some major response; in Ambala, Haryana 250 patients were examined for knee replacement by specialists and medicines were distributed free of cost, in Siwan, Bihar 84 patients were examined by specialists and medicines were distributed free of cost and the at Moga, Punjab, 150 patients were examined by specialists. Valcal M, Biodic P, IgTg-FORTE medicines were distributed free of cost.

Kanwar Deep Singh is an international business leader and a member of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament, and pioneer of industrial, educational and healthcare reform within India. From a meagre capital of Rs.20,000 in the year 1981 to today in year 2013, thirty three years after he started, his group has eleven companies operating in differ- ent segments and has an asset base of 2 billion USD and about 9700 employees – this is not just any story of success but 3 decades of perspiration, conviction and undeviating focus. This man has not only created an inspiring history, but also a promising future for all humanity.




  • In his “QUIT INDIA” campaign – an initiative to bid goodbye to Anaemia, Calcium Deficiency and Weak Immunity, women are recommended to avail these medicines: Anaemia –XT, (for Anaemia), Valcal-M (for Calcium Deficiency) and IgTg –FORTE (for Weak Immunity). The campaign is being supported by the KD Singh Foundation which promises to provide 15 days therapy free of cost.
  • Dr. Singh has managed to achieve outstanding business success whilst forging a reputation for integrity and the promotion of fair business practices across Food processing, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Tea Estates, Aviation, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Hospitality and Education.
  • His efforts in his public and professional life have been recognized through a number of awards, including the Rashtriya Ratan Award from the Integration and Economic Council of India, the Udyog Ratan Award from the Institute of Economic Study, and the Jewel of India Award from International Solidarity in New York.
  • He is regarded as a most respected leader who has been made a head and party in-charge of 13 Northern and North Eastern states of India for All India Trinamool Congress party which was a part of the ruling Government in India.
  • He has a deep commitment to public service and industrial reform, and he has served as the Chairman of the Central Advisory Board on Minimum Wages, and as Chairman of the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board. A renowned & prestigious Accreditation body of UK – ASIC, has awarded him with its highest honor of Honorary Lifetime Fellowship.

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